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 Powerful change magic. There are certain times in life when you need outside help - whether it's someone with a rope to pull you out of a stuck spot, a strong anchor to stop you being swept away, or some help with navigation when your map's confusing. Working with Andy can be a straightforward and practical shortcut to safe harbour or the start of a new journey. You choose."
- Judy Rees, X-Ray Listening

Over 16 years of business and corporate experience, delivering programs from induction to leadership and CEO development. Negotiation and sales specialist.

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The NLP Experience? 

John Grinder says "Words don't change people, Experience does". And so my business is about creating amazing learning experiences



Andy is a brilliant L&D provider/ facilitator. Despite the time we spent was short he was able to enhance my training/coaching skills in a very short period of time. Andy has great knowledge and skills in recruitment, sales, linguistics and E.I. I cannot recommend Andy high enough; he really did make a huge contribution to my skills today. 

-James Maruyama, Consultant Trainer

They say actions speak louder than words and Andrew Duffy's obvious ability to do and teach NLP is apparent in everything he does. Match this with his uncanny ability to observe and make insightful suggestions and you have a formidable guy on your side - whether as a trainer or coach.
- Joe Gregory, author, publisher and entrepreneur​

Andy Duffy sole trader trading as The NLP Experience

Derby Street Lincoln Lincolnshire LN5 8DP uk

A specialist with expertise in sales, customer satisfaction  management, conflict resolution, recruitment & retention, soft skills, EI and NLP

I'm Andy Duffy and my NLP training and coaching journey began in 2002. I've been fortunate enough to work with and learn from some amazing people all over the world.


Andy delivered my training for Randstad when I arrived in Australia. While I had worked for Randstad in the UK for 4 years, processes slip and bad habits creep in, and I am grateful to Andy for the excellent training program that was delivered over the course of the week. The course was well structured and delivered to new starters and seasoned recruiters alike. I am happy to be able to recommend Andy.

- Henry Grey, Senior Consultant, Randstad Australia

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